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Featured Artists

Alexa Hinves, Ana Sasic, Bhen Alan, Caitlin Clifford, Carol Lynn Gilchrist, Cheryll-Ann Yelovich, Gerda Wekerle, Henry VanderSpek, Irit Epstein, James Fowler, Julianna Joos, Julius Manapul, Lili Xu, Ling Xiang Wu, Mariah Hoekstra, Mary Wall, Melissa Patel, Michelle Rawlings, Mike Steinhaur, Natalia Tcherniak, Nina Okens, Olivia Maney, Rachelle Wunderink, Sarah Cowling, SofiL, Susan G Abbott, Tom Ridout, Žana Kozomora

“Whether lifelong locals, commuters, immigrants, or refugees, we each construct our own internal maps of the city based on the routes we take and the obstacles we overcome in the process.”


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